Sean Avery: The Movie

As if Sean Avery couldn't get anymore annoying, New Line Cinema has decided to make a movie out of him. A romantic comedy to be exact. :major eye roll: I guess they found it interesting that he's a wannabe fashionista and interned at Vogue over the summer. (Note: Use the term 'interned' lightly here) It's described in the Hollywood Reporter as: "...a film about professional hockey player Sean Avery's experiences in the fashion world, including his stint as a summer intern at a fashion magazine." Exactly what other experiences has he had in the fashion world? Anyone can put on a Gucci suit and walk down a red carpet with Elisha Cuthbert or sit in a show or two during New York's fashion week.

Anyway, I'm all for more hockey promotion in the 'outside world', but couldn't it have been someone else????

For a funny take on it, check out Perez Hilton's clip about it.

Photo Credit: MSG.com



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