Bits & Pieces

Hopefully your day wasn't as rainy and dreary as mine was in Boston. Here are some clips of things going on:

+ Continuing with my Cam Paddock praise-rant, he scored his very first NHL goal in his very first NHL game on his first shot. Exciting!

+ The San Jose Sharks are doing a dad's trip - aka partying in Chi-town! PS: Vote for Seto.

+ UMass upset No. 1 Boston University last night when they beat them 5-1. I'm not so happy about this. UMass is turning out to be perhaps the most underrated team in Hockey East if not the NCAA. On that same note, No. 2 Minnesota tied unranked Michigan Tech today and BC tied Merrimack last night. That means BU might remain in the top spot. It will depend on how BC plays against UNH and how BU plays against Northeastern. Fingers crossed!

+ Barry Melrose was fired. Stick to TV bud.

Other than that ... it's Saturday night! Have fun!



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