It's All About The Looks

The Hockey News released their logo rankings which is always fun to look at. They ranked the Blackhawks #1. I'm not sure that Chicago's logo is the best one in the league -- actually I don't think it is at all. It's a classic, but I don't know.

My favorite logo goes to Minnesota. Even though I'm not a huge Wild fan, the logo is super creative.

What's your fave? Hmm??

PS: Sorry for the lack of activity during the week. I spent the week in Ocean City, NJ where I randomly ran into Bill Guerin and his family. Small world, hey?


Don said...

I'm a big fan of the wild logo as well. Having grown up in Northern Ontario you wouldn't thing Minnesota would have been my choice hockey team. Well the North Stars were back in the day and since I married a girl from Minneapolis and now reside in that very town I've come full circle and now cheer for the Wild.

I'd also like to mention that I organize a few pick up games a week in the Twin Cities and because there are few tools for players like me to find a place to play, a buddy of mine and I have decided to create our own pick-up hockey finder website. Within a few days our system will be functioning and not only will it make it way easier for people to organize a pickup game but it will also make it easier for them to find one...and all over North America.

Watch www.pickuphockeyfinder.com , it will be ready this week.

We would appreciate any write ups on your blog, or be listed in your blogroll. We would also create a custom post about pickup hockey if you were interested.

Thanks for your help!


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