Plug Time

Former Wheeling Nailer (and nephew of Craig Patrick), Curtiss Patrick, has jumpstarted his own t-shirt company called Ratfink T-shirts. They're actually pretty hilarious and not too expensive at all.

My personal favorites include "I made out with my sister in Wheeling WV" and "I'm Not Jared" (in the shape of the Subway sign). Check 'em out. You'll get a good laugh in.

Curtiss played hockey at Penn State before spending time with the Nailers. He is headed to England to play next season. He also writes and puts together some pretty hilarious songs which you can check out on his MySpace page -- most famously "Myspace Lovership." If you follow the link to the YouTube video you can see cameos by Paul Bissonnette, Ned Havern and Andy Franck.



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