Criminal Mismanagement? How dare they.

Atlanta Thrasher prospect, Ondrej Pavelec, was recently demoted to their AHL affiliate in Chicago, and apparently he's not going (so says his agent). This happens from time to time :cough:Kris Beech:cough:, but this is interesting to me because if the Thrashers lose Pavelec, it will be a mistake. They'll be losing a lot of talent.

I saw Pavelec play in the Calder Cup finals with the Chicago Wolves this past year. He was sick. I looked at him, and I saw him playing in the NHL one day very soon. I thought he could have used a bit more time in the A for some minor improvements, but overall he was fun to watch because he was so good. He's only 21, so I don't know that this fit his agent is throwing (accusing the Thrashers of 'criminal mismanagement') was entirely necessary. His agent is claiming he wasn't given a fair chance at making the team. I haven't been paying too much attention to the Thrashers camp, so I don't know if that's true or not.

But they are the Atlanta Thrashers. I realize they have two good goalies in Kari Lehtonen and Johan Hedberg, but from what I've seen of Pavelec, he could probably compete with them. Why not give him a chance?


Lisa aka HockeyWench said...
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Lisa aka HockeyWench said...

Well it seems that there may be something going on that we may not know at this point. Apparently Drej was all in good spirits yesterday. I saw him at the last practice and there seemed to be absolutely nothing wrong. From our understanding here, though nothing has been released, it is Drej's agent that is ticked off not Drej. It was extremely odd that Drej had stated in a recent interview that he knew he was going to be with the Wolves at least one more season and he was okay with it and now this as he is walking out of Philips arena the agent starts releasing statements to the press. Funny though, not one word out of Drej either way. If he walks out like this he could be ending his NHL career chances.

Sorry deleted the first comment due to some misspellings...LOL


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