Michigan Who?

I hope some of you caught the BU/UMich game last night because it was fun ... fun if you were cheering for BU. After losing to Michigan 6-3 last season, the Terriers got some revenge with a 7-2 win in Boston. It was more of BU being unreal (you gotta see these kids this year!) than anything. Michigan played decently throughout the game, but they simply weren't as good.

Two things about the game:
+ I had to check how many penalties were called. It seemed like the entire game was spent on special teams. There were 30 penalties -- 15 in the third alone. It was kind of crazy. It felt like something was whistled every five minutes. Anyway, BU killed off 10 of 12 Michigan power-plays which is pretty good. On the other hand, they really need to start being more disciplined. BU takes way too many penalties every game, and that will eventually tire you out no matter how good you are.

+ I saw my first legit college fight. Fighting isn't allowed in the NCAA, but after a 7-2 game (with some chirps mixed in) things boiled over. I believe it started in the corner with Brian Strait and a UMich guy just shoving each other around ... then someone got suckered and all hell broke loose. Somewhere in there freshman Vinny Saponari and Brian Lebler took off the cages, dropped the gloves and went at it. Nothing too exciting happened; the refs were doing all they could to stop it. Those boys will not be permitted to play in their next game.

Photo Credit: Michigan



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