So the Hockey Gods Hate Me...

This headline spells out one of the big reasons why the Red Wings are such a good hockey club:

Red Wings' Locker Room: Detroit has a 2-0 lead in series thanks to its unrecognizable players

When you have everyone on a team stepping up, you'll win a hockey game. For example, when you have a kid out of college scoring his first two NHL goals and a guy playing and scoring after getting his appendix out on Wednesday, that'll give you some extra jump. The Penguins can't focus on how Sidney Crosby isn't producing as much as they'd like; everyone else has to start making up for it. Depth is important -- especially when you're playing a seven game series in June.

Anyway, it's time for the Pens to move on from the past two games. The worst thing that can happen is that this gets to them mentally. They've been down two games before; no big deal.

Get it done boys. The hockey gods have been awful to me since they gave me a BU championship; but I refuse to lose to the Red Wings again.



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