The Beginning of the End

Game 1 of the deja-vu Stanley Cup Finals begins tonight. This time I think my boys just might end up on the winning side. They look different than they did going into the Final last year. But Detroit is Detroit. We can't forget that.

We all know what's at stake here. The Red Wings either add another Cup to their dynasty and surprise no one, or two of the top three players in the NHL finally get their first.

But one huge elephant in the room is this guy:

We all know that everyone except for Red Wings fans are hoping this d-bag gambled wrong. How great would it be to see him lose after saying he was leaving the Pens for the Wings because he felt he had a 'better chance of winning' the Stanley Cup with them?



Matt said...

i just have one question, do the ref's not call hooking, slashing or interference in the cup finals? that was horrendous officiating last night. However, the hockey gods just weren't with the pens last night, the amount of posts last night, was retarded. oh and how about that fight at the end, lets hope geno can spark something with that.


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