AHL ASG Broadcast = Fail.

I'm watching the AHL skills competition, and I just have to rant about how poor the broadcast is. Why? I'll tell you:

+ Camera problems. During the introductions and interviews for some reason the cameras weren't right.

+ The on-ice correspondent/reporter/tv girl (whatever you want to call her) is awful. She has asked every single person about their 'strategy.' I'm not kidding. She's asked, 'What's your strategy?' at least twenty times by now.

Example: Her interview with Chris Bourque before the accuracy shooting.
Her: "What's your strategy on this?"
Bourque: "Um, I guess to shoot the targets."

Maybe I shouldn't be so harsh. The boys she's interviewed haven't really given quality answers -- BUT at the same time she hasn't asked quality questions. Oh well.

+ They are messing the players names up. First they called Jeff Taffe "Jeff Taffee." (They just corrected it though, so thank you). Next example: As Mike Santorelli was participating in the accuracy competition, the announcers were reading the stats and background information for Mike Iggulden. They actually called him Iggulden. Unless I missed something where they were just randomly reading off stats for Iggy.

I'm not expecting a broadcast on the same level of the NHL, but this is silly. On a brighter note, Ron Hextall is looking good.


mudwoman1326 said...

I'm sorry I missed that. I love the skills competition but I just couldn't bring myself to watch it last night. Maybe online...

Amanda said...

Hahaha you definitely missed entertainment - or at least everyone's strategy (even the coaches).


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