Call Up Janne Pesonen. Now. No, seriously. Right now.

Janne Pesonen. Before the season started, everyone knew him as the Finnish guy Pittsburgh signed who was going to be really good. Then he became the Finnish guy who was going to start the year in the minors to get acclimated to North American hockey. Now he's the Finnish guy who got called up once or twice and didn't do much.

It's time for him to become the Finnish guy who got called up, was given a fair chance and is now setting up plays for Sidney Crosby.

I'm serious. Enough is enough.

I've only seen Pesonen play in a handful of games now with Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, and frankly, that's all I've needed. The guy has set up plays and scored beautiful goals. He has 40 points (13 + 27) in 34 games. Maybe you have to see him to fully understand, but I think the points speak for themselves. The one reason he has not excelled in the NHL is because he hasn't been given a fair shot. Giving the guy limited ice time is not going to do much for him. Get him on the first or second line, let him do his thing, and he will make things happen. I don't just think that, I know it. I've watched minor league hockey for many years now, and this guy is better than the A. He's ready for the show. Let him have a fair shot at it.

Heck, why doesn't Pittsburgh call up Pesonen and Jeff Taffe and reunite them with Chris Minard? That line is lethal, and I bet they could surprise some people in the NHL too. Honestly at this point, what does Pittsburgh have to lose? Another game? Oh man. That'd be a shocker. The big Pens need a jolt.

Go ahead Pittsburgh. I dare you.


PenguinsExperience.com said...

I totally agree.

I think the problem was that many of the Penguins injuries have been to third and fourth line players. If Janne is to succeed in the NHL he will need to be a second or first line guy.

I'd really like to see him on the second line with Staal and Sykora though.


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