Almost, Not Quite

WBS just lost their first game seven they've ever played in. Prior to tonight, they were 4-0 in all-time game 7's. Now they're 4-1 after the Hershey Bears shut them out for the second night in a row.

If you ask me, this series came down to breaks. I only got to see Games 4-7. In Games 4 & 5, WBS had all the breaks. They were getting in the way of Bears' shots and just happened to find the puck on their sticks. The last two games were the exact opposite; Hershey caught those breaks. Sometimes it's just not your night.

The bottom line is Hershey was the better team. They were one of the best teams in the league during the regular season. They're aggressive, super fast and just a well-rounded team. Does that mean they're unbeatable? Of course not. But it means the Baby Pens had to work twice as hard to win; they played their hearts out in Games 3-5, and they just looked beat Monday and tonight. Playing four games in five nights isn't going to help either (I don't want to hear anymore complaining about having to go back-to-back nights from Pitt & Wash. We don't even have Yanni to empathize with us). But that's what it comes down to.

You really can't complain if you're a WBS fan. The Baby Pens have made the play-offs eight out of ten years. They have been to the finals three out of ten years. We are very, very lucky. Things could be much worse. I love this team. I'll reflect on the year in the next few days.

Good luck to the Bears. I always prefer the teams I lose to to win the championship. If I have to lose, I want to lose to the best.

The last thing I have to say is ... Pittsburgh fans, be nervous for tomorrow. (See why below). ;-)


Matt said...

So you believe the pens will lose tonight eh? One thing i'd like to point out, is that gonchar practiced yesterday, and i would shocked if he didn't play tonight. They need him badly.
Speaking of Gonch, What do you think about Ovech's hit on him? I personally think it was dirty, and he should have been A. Given a Major penalty. B. Suspended at least one game if not the rest of the series.
I will concede that had it been say malkin or crosby kneeing say federov, i'm sure the league would have reacted the same way, but, i'm still not happy about it and hope like hell orpik takes his head off tonight, since he didn't do it in game six.

Amanda said...

hahaha I hope the Pens don't lose tonight!! But if everything goes as it has been with WBS dictating Pitt's success ... I don't know. Just some light superstitious stuff. ;-)

Yeah, I think it all goes back to the fact that it was Ovechkin. If it had been Cooke or someone like that, it would have been a suspension. Welcome to the NHL.

Matt said...

Exactly, the league can't suspend one of it's money makers, though to be fair, they only fined kunitz for cross-checking varlamov in the dome!

how about that last night! 6-2 drubbing, i myself was happy to see ovechkin with his head down on the bench!

Amanda said...

The game was awesome. I'm so glad they won! I didn't expect it to be that blown out, but I'll take it. Makes it a much easier game 7 to watch than the ones I did tonight! Good thing Pitt won too, because both of the other teams I was rooting for lost in their 7's.



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