Run Janne, Run.

This is a funny headline: "Shero Says Pesonen Still Part of Future Despite No Recall."

Shero goes on to say, "Maybe with a different situation next year, he'll get a better opportunity [to play in the NHL]."

OH. Like maybe if you give him an actual chance instead of putting him on 3rd & 4th lines?? As much as I'd love to still believe that, I don't. Each time Pesonen was called up, he was shafted -- put with players who he shouldn't play with and then given no ice time.

I am telling you: this guy is for real. He was the best player on the Baby Pens this year. The guy sets up plays like it's no big deal. He has that natural hockey sense.

Run Janne. Run far away. Sign with a team that will appreciate you.



Matt said...

to be fair to shero, from what i remember, Therrien was the coach each time he was called up, perhaps with danny b coaching, he'll get a shot.

Amanda said...

I thought so too, but Pesonen was called up after Bylsma took over and the same thing happened.

I'm not putting this all on Shero (even if it sounds like it) -- it's on everyone. I think Pesonen would be better off elsewhere for his sake.

Matt said...

well, miro satan will be gone, as will sykora i'm sure, so maybe he'll get his chance next year?


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