Janne Goes to Russia

Call it inevitable I guess. Janne Pesonen has reportedly signed with Ak Bars Kazan of the KHL. I don't blame him.

The guy got screwed. He did not get a fair chance -- not even from Bylsma. I won't get into it here; look up my other posts on Pesonen for my in-depth feelings (particularly this one and this one).

Bottom line is the guy could have easily played in the NHL. Not only that -- he could have been great. He wasn't a huge guy, but my God those hands. Wow.

KHL wins this one.


Goon Squad said...

The KHL seems to win all of these, unless it's a situation like Hudlers; the guy tried to force the teams hand in giving him a better deal.
I for one hope he fails majorly and is too ashamed to show his face back in the NHL.


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