Dany Heatley Uncensored

Meet OttawaGh0st. My new favorite YouTube Channel. These guys take interview clips - mostly of hockey players - and do their own voice-overs. I have seen a bunch of them probably five times each, and I burst out laughing every time. Can't even hold it in. It's pretty easy to tell they're all parodies, but one of my friends really thought Dany Heatley was giving the most obscene interview ever.

My favorite videos deal with Dany Heatley. They're not big Dany fans, so they really rail on him. I'm pretty anti-Heatley myself, but I have to imagine that his fans could have a good laugh at it too. The Brian  Burke videos aren't bad either. Check them out. Here's one to get you started (Warning: the language is not PG): 



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