Hockey in 3-D? I'll give it a shot.

Talks about 3-D TV have been popping up here and there as television companies are planning to churn out TVs that allow you to watch programs in 3-D. My initial reaction was: eh. I don't necessarily want to watch every show in 3-D. It's cool, and I think it's incredible that TV's are evolving into that, but my eyes would hurt after awhile.

That being said, I think hockey can really benefit from 3-D. It's simple: I've met very few people that don't enjoy a live game, but hockey does not translate well on TV. It just doesn't. I can watch it because I practically live and breathe the sport, but for the casual fan or someone just sitting at home channel surfing, hockey is not very enjoyable to watch. The game is fast, and it can be hard to keep up with -- not to mention the majority of people I watch with who aren't solid hockey fans can barely find the puck. Games in 3-D can add more dimension (literally) and make it easier and more fun to watch.

Of course I haven't seen a hockey game in 3-D yet, so I can't say for certain that it will be better. But others can. The MSG Network provided the first ever 3-D broadcast last night for the Rangers and Islanders game. 2,000 people sat in the MSG Theater to watch it -- including Chloe Sevigny, NFL & NBA players and NHL greats like Mark Messier and Adam Graves. Knicks forward, David Lee, echoed exactly what I said in the NY Daily News: "There's nothing more fun than to go watch a hockey game live, but one of the question marks about hockey is that sometimes the speed of the game doesn't translate that well on television. [3-D], I think definitely gives a better perspective of the game, as if you're watching it live."

We'll see what happens. Obviously it will be a long time before everyone can watch any game in 3-D, but there is definitely an opportunity for the hockey here.



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