Bad Boys.

Just a quick news bit here outta Wilkes-Barre:

Luca Caputi and Jon D'Aversa were demoted to Wheeling in the ECHL for disciplinary reasons. Chris Minard and Aaron Boogaard will be scratched during the next game for the same reasons. This is the second time Caputi has been punished for off-ice "activities" if you will. I really like the kid, but clearly he's got to get his head on straight. NO ONE wants to go to Wheeling. Trust me. I've heard horror stories. (No offense to the city itself)

Sitting guys like Caputi and Minard take away a lot from the roster. I think it's good they're being punished. They're professionals, and they should act like it. That doesn't mean they can't party and have a good time (come on, they're HOCKEY PLAYERS). But there is a line. They're hurting their team. Wake up boys.

Needless to say I'm not sure Boogaard or D'Aversa's absence will affect anything. Life goes on.


mudwoman1326 said...

I've got to know. What the hell did they do?


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