Will Bylsma Stay?

Someone wrote into the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette with this statement:

I would like to think that general manager Ray Shero will take the "interim" label off of the "head coach" title Dan Bylsma holds, given the success the Penguins have had since he was chosen to replace Michel Therrien. The team has really responded well to Bylsma's coaching style and he seems to have developed a special chemistry with the players. What else is Shero looking for? Are there any indications that he plans to keep Bylsma, and do you think he should name him (the permanent) coach before their first playoff game?

Bylsma has done a good job for Pittsburgh, but here's why he might not be named permanent head coach: because Todd Richards is going to get it.

Remember him? He was the head coach of the Baby Penguins prior to this year until the San Jose Sharks hired him as assistant coach. He got the Baby Pens to the Calder Cup finals, but above that Richards is one of Shero's guys. Winning the Stanley Cup this year wouldn't hurt his chances either. Call me crazy, but I can definitely see this happening. Then again, it all depends on how Bylsma finishes out the season/post-season. I also don't know what the contract situation is for Richards in San Jose. Those things aside, the move could definitely happen.



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