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Just wanted to toss this out here: the more I read about quotes from various Pittsburgh Penguins' players about the post-Therrien period, the more I'm truly starting to believe they threw some games to get him outta there. They were going to do it last year (before they realized some things), so why not this year? Maybe they felt that was the only way to get him out of there. They never liked him, and it wouldn't be the first time a coach was fired that way.

I really, really, really hope that's not the case because the thought of it makes me furious. But I would in no way, shape or form be surprised.

Edit:I was just reading this article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, and this quote from Sidney Crosby also angered me:

At times before he got here we could all look around the room and see guys who could give more than they were giving ...

You know what? Shame on them. In my eyes, that blame falls straight on the guys who weren't doing what they're capable of. You are professional athletes. You won't find sympathy from the people who don't get to live out their dream of doing the same thing. You won't find sympathy from the people who pay a ridiculous amount of money to go to these NHL games and support their favorite team. Grow up.

I might have to expand on this in a bit.


Matt said...

I read that also and my first thought was, what the fuck crosby, as captain, you need to get in those players faces and call them out, and where were the other team leaders, orpik, gonchar (hurt), malkin, why weren't they calling these players out. I promise you, if gary roberts were still there, or malone, they wouldn't have put up with that. Also, no way bill guerin puts up with that either.

ON an unrelated note, what do you think the odds of billy g re upping with the pens next year?


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