Beanpot Recap: BU Tops Harvard 4-3

I'll be the first to admit that Boston University stole this game. They were down 2-0 about a minute into the second period. BU was playing sloppy hockey. I don't know if it was nerves or the fact that maybe they got a big head with their new number one ranking. Whatever it was, it was not pretty. The Terriers still controlled the puck most of the time, but they had little chances. Crimson goalie Matt Hoyle was awesome tonight. He had three or four huge saves for Harvard.

BU looked a little better after they tied it up. They went ahead at the start of the third period, but found themselves tied up again when Harvard scored with about five minutes left to go. Jimmy Fraser took a penalty with 2:10 left to go in the third period and cost his team the game as BU scored a power play goal.

There was some rumblings as the period ended because Crimson forward Alex Biega shot the puck into the net CLEARLY after the final horn sounded. Nevertheless he continued to celebrate which prompted them to review the goal. Naturally, it wasn't a goal. It actually went in about a second after the horn.

BU definitely got away with that one. They will absolutely need to step up next Monday if they want to win this thing.

Here are some pictures I took during the game. Once again, they're from my phone -- and the very last row of the Garden -- so the quality could be better:


A shot after BU went up 3-2.

The BU student section. It's huge. I didn't even see a section for Harvard. Northeastern's was getting pretty big, but it didn't come close to matching BU's.


Anonymous said...

Amanda! I'm trying to suprise my NU kid with some tickets for monday....Can you tell me what setion is the NU student section?! Many thanks!


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