More Therrien Comments

Regardless of how bumpy Therrien's tenure may have been, it was a highly successful one. He compiled a 135-106-31 record with the club and claimed a division and conference title. His win total is only second to Eddie Johnston's 232. Therrien may not have been universally loved by his player or the team's fans, but there's no denying the success he enjoyed with the franchise. Granted, most coaches throughout the history of the team have been mediocre or just plain awful, but Therrien was one of the best the club has ever had.

- Seth Rorabaugh

And the 'eulogies' continue. Basically everyone else except Shero sees this.


Matt said...

Keep up the good posts by the way, i happened upon your blog through yahoo sports, it's a great read!

I agree, why doesn't shero see what's going on here? I don't believe the rumors that this decision was made by mario

Amanda said...

I don't really believe those comments either, but it's very possible I don't because I love Mario ... Shero is not on my high list right now haha. Could be slight bias.

Thank you for the kind words. It seriously means so much to hear people enjoy the blog!!

Matt said...

personally, i think the penguins should make a play for kovalev, he's fallen out of favor in montreal, and he was fantastic when he played in pittsburgh.

you're welcome, it's always nice to see a fellow hockey nut out there!


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