Some Quick Bites ...

Some quick things going around the hockey world:

+ The Rangers fired Tom Renney after they lost 10 of the past 12 games. They're the Rangers though, come on. They will choke no matter what. This time it was during the regular season as opposed to in the playoffs.

+ BU remains ranked number one in the nation after three ties in their past four games. They tied Maine two weekends ago (one night after destroying them), and tied Northeastern twice this past weekend. I made it to the Northeastern game at Agganis on Friday. These two teams are fun to watch. I thought BU dominated the first period, but NU stepped it up after that and tied the game. I just have to give props to Matt Gilroy's move he made that led to one of BU's first period goals. It was beautiful. Thank you Matt Gilroy.

+ In other college news, Denver moved up three spots to fifth in the nation. Boston College officially dropped off the map. I don't think many people saw that coming at the start of the year. They're kind of reminding me of BU's season last year except BU had a good second half whereas BC .. not so much. And how about UMass-Lowell creeping in at number 20? Good for them.

+ In news that only hockey bloggers and blog readers would care about: A few days ago, Sean Leahy from PuckDaddy wrote a piece about the 'Brian Burke' account on Twitter. The same one everyone knows is fake -- including Leahy. Anyway, the infamous Eklund (I say infamous because I don't know too many people who like him all that much .. sorry bud) from HockeyBuzz.com jumped on it and said he contacted Burke, and it is not his real account. DUH. He says he made the call after reading Leahy's piece on PuckDaddy and added how it pissed off the GM blah blah. Maybe if he read closer he would realize that Leahy knows the Burke account isn't real. But my favorite part of Eklund's write-up was this:

And there it is my hockey friends. The stereotypical kind of blogging that makes many NHL teams nervous and stingy about giving access to internet hockey writers. This is the kind of story that deeply sets back the cause.

Everything about PuckDaddy and its writers is awesome. The NHL should be honored to have them writing as much and as well as they do. They're a great source for info on the NHL and a great example of how blogging is an excellent news source. They offer better stuff than any newspaper I read (excluding the Hockey News if you count that as a newspaper).

I hope Eklund feels really stupid today. It's a case of glimpsing over something, not actually reading it and scurrying to write something thinking he's gonna get the one-up on it. I mean is this middle school?



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