My Gonchar Verdict

I'm just going to go ahead and say that I don't think Sergei Gonchar will turn this Penguins team completely around.

Of course it will be great to have him back, but I stand by the fact that Pittsburgh's problems go beyond the skill set of their players. If you don't have the right guys together on a team, you're not going to win a Stanley Cup.

So, no. Sergei Gonchar will not be the Penguins' savior. He will not be the complete cure for their troubles.

Sorry. Love ya Pitt.


Matt said...

You know, i have to agree, that i don't think he's going to cure what ails the pen's, but i do think he's going to get them in the playoffs, even without shero making any deadline deals. I think losing zigomanis hurt more than the team is willing to admit.

b_jack_city said...

I definitely think the team would admit losing Ziggy hurt them. There's an article in the Post Gazette today about the face-off woes.

That said, Gonchar should help on the PP (better than Whitney I pray!) which could do wonders for keeping 2 goal leads in the 3rd period. Keep those 3rd period leads and a playoff spot could be in the future. Deep playoff run? No guarantees there.

Amanda said...

It's very possible they'll make it to the play-offs. The Penguins aren't the Thrashers or anything like that. But I'm going to go and agree with the no guarantees on a deep play-off run. Teams that go deep are guys like the Bruins who have the right combo of guys and the right style of play.

We'll see. The Pens are near and dear to my heart, but they have to pull it together FAST.


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