Pittsburgh's Mess Spills Online

The Penguins can't even get facts right on their website right now:

Bylsma assisted the Baby Penguins to a 98-49-5-8 record, an AHL East Division and Eastern Conference championships and a Calder Cup Final appearance in the past two seasons.

That was taken from this link on the Pens' site.

The Baby Penguins only made it to the Calder Cup finals last season. The previous year, they lost in the second round of the playoffs.

Lock it up Pitt. Only everyone around the hockey world is going to check out that story.

Edit:After calming my anger at the Pittsburgh organization for their general stupidity, I looked at the quote closer. I think this sentence was a victim of poorly placed words. Originally it looks like they're saying they made the Finals in the past two seasons, but if they put 'in the past two seasons' right after the comma it makes sense. Sorry for jumping the gun -- you should still use better grammar. :-)



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