B.Ry Ready for the Show? Hmm...

The OC Register did a piece on Bobby Ryan basically being given a position on next year's team by Brian Burke. Maybe this was a motivational thing -- Ryan is strange with that. He doesn't get motivated by criticism (unlike some players who take negative remarks as a fire under their ass), so maybe if they kiss up to him he'll actually go out there and shake things up a bit. That's not to say he's not talented. I watched the kid in the A's Eastern Conference Final against the Baby Pens (number one in my heart). And even though Wilkes-Barre finished on top, Bobby Ryan was the one guy you simply couldn't let touch the puck. He undressed goaltender John Curry twice. And Curry's a smart goalie. Sometimes it seemed like his reach was never ending. He has unreal hands, and even though I may have called him a pussy once or twice, he did throw his body around a bit. That said, he was quick to give up the puck if he was pressured.

The kid has a great heart, he really does. I'd love to see him do well. The key to his success is keeping him motivated and interested. He can't get discouraged because he won't want to go out there and play. Does that mean "guaranteeing" him a spot on the Ducks' roster? Maybe. But for all we know, maybe his skill level just won't transfer to the NHL game. This has happened to AHL stars like Martin St. Pierre and Robbie Schremp (so far). Bobby Ryan has God-given talent, and sometimes that's harder to pull out of players than those that have the will to work as hard as they possibly can 24/7 throughout the entire season.

Maybe this is Brian Burke's way of indirectly getting back at Kevin Lowe for calling Ryan a 'questionable' draft pick?

Time will tell I guess. I wish the kid the best. Hopefully he'll tear it up next year. If not ... well, I won't be completely surprised.


Miss Anaheim said...

Good lord girl, u make me open ur blog to that? Thanks alot! LOL He was told before Portland's season was even over that as long as he continued to do what he was doing, that was his spot on the team (period). Kid has the potential (this isn't even just me being partical here) and ur right, he takes praise to be modivated. One of the reasons he HATES Carlyle. Obviously we all know I want him to do well. He's a great kid, when he wants to be....and I'm talking about on the ice!


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