Did You Say Free?

The Toronto Maple Leafs announced they tacked on an extra preseason game this September, and all tickets will be free. As in $0. As in - an NHL game for nothing?! What?!

This is a great move by Toronto. They've been struggling for what seems like forever now (okay, maybe it hasn't been quite that long), and with a pretty decent new head coach, they're more than ready for a fresh start. This is a great way to promote it.

On top of that, NHL ticket prices always tend to get ridiculous. It gives fans the opportunity to see their favorite team - or if anything, just some great players. Granted it is the pre-season. I hope that the Leafs and the Sabres play some of the top guys for this game.

I think it would be a great idea to do something like this in the U.S. - maybe in hockey markets that don't draw as well. It can give people a chance to see a game (most first timers fall in love with hockey the first game they attend) without paying. I think it would definitely help generate some new interest.

The game will take place on September 22 against the Buffalo Sabres.

Props T-Dot. I love it.


mudwoman1326 said...

I'm seriously calculating the gas money needed to get up there for the game.

Is it worth the 9 hour drive? Could be...

Mands said...

Hey, you only live once right? ;)

Ritch said...

I think all preseason games should be free.

Mands said...

That's for sure. Or no more than 25 cents.


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