I can't help but give shameless plugs for the boys at my school. Especially when they're being chatted about by some of the best. Colin Wilson, the boy every girl in the BU dining halls drools at as he walks by, was rated number one out of NCAA players THN's Ryan Kennedy's most excited to see in the NHL someday. Here's what was said:

1. Colin Wilson, C – Boston University Terriers (Hockey East): As the son of an NHLer, Wilson had a good model in preparing for a career in elite hockey.

“My dad told me you have to be physically ready at 14,” said Colin, channeling the advice he received from his father, Carey, who played for the Flames, Whalers and Rangers.

With that in mind, Colin hit the gym early and often as a teen and the results were reflected in his selection seventh overall by Nashville at the NHL draft this year.

“I can be a first- or second-line center,” Wilson noted. “But I can also work as a third- or fourth-liner, that’s why I think they took me.”

That and a heap of skill, of course. The 6-foot-1, 215-pound Terrier notched 35 points in 37 games as a freshman at B.U. and will likely return to improve on that mark next season.

Joining Wilson is a murderer’s row of future NHL talent, including fellow 2008 draftees Corey Trivino, David Warsofsky and Grant Rollheiser. Wilson will also faceoff against workout buddy and Boston College Eagles recruit Jimmy Hayes. So is fraternizing with the enemy going to end?

“When I’m with my buddies, we’re really tight, so we can do things like that,” Wilson said. “But it’ll be fun playing against him – B.U. and B.C. for the Beanpot (tournament trophy).”

One thing is for sure, there won’t be many Eagles having fun when they face the tenacious Wilson.

Drafted seventh overall by Nashville in 2008.

Clearly Colin's been working out since he was 14. Kid is jacked.

Kennedy also gave Corey Trivino props. He'll be a froshie this year at the best school ever. coughBUcough

sigh. I'm so proud.

And is it just me, or are no BC players on that list? Yes, I'm smiling.

Photo Credit: Andre Ringuette, Getty Images



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