It's Like I Don't Even Know You Anymore

Where did the Vancouver Canucks go?

Seriously. Trevor Linden announced his retirement. Markus Naslund signed with the New York (Ew) Rangers. Brendan Morrsion signed with Anaheim. I've always liked the Canucks. They never bothered me, and they're so Western Conference I love it. But one by one, the players that I've always associated with Van are disappearing. It's weird. Take a look:

- Trevor Linden spent 16 seasons with the Canucks. If anyone, he was their franchise player.
- Markus Naslund spent 12 seasons with them. Now he's going to be in New York because the Rangers are just soooo cool and sign as many big name players as they can only to choke every year in the playoffs. Typical New York. :rolls eyes:
- Brendan Morrsion spent 8 seasons there. He's now going to sunny SoCal to one of my other faves: the Ducks.
- Matt Cooke spent 9 seasons with Vancouver before being traded to the Caps this past season and signing with Pittsburgh a few days ago.

It's just weird to think those guys won't be playing in Van. Sure they still have great players on their roster like Luongo and the Sedin twins. But I can't help but feel like there's a big gaping hole in their roster now. It's like that uncomfortable feeling when you go home after being away for awhile, and you don't recognize anyone.

But as Dave Matthews says, everything good needs replacing.

Big sigh, I know.



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