Good Intentions Gone Bad

Way back when Ray Shero traded a handful of good potential for Marian Hossa, everyone was like, 'Well hey, why the hell not?' I was iffy about it from the beginning, but I gave it a chance. A few months and no Stanley Cup later, I'm back to feeling iffy about it, if not completely disagreeing with the move. Sure, Hossa helped Pittsburgh get to the finals, but for what? For nothing. And no, no. Don't BS me with 'Well they DID make it to the Finals' or 'They got experience!' I don't buy into that. I believe they could have made it to the finals without Hossa. Now he's stepped on their feet and signed with Detroit for less money than he was offered with Pitt because he feels he has a 'better chance of winning the Cup with Detroit.' Um, okay. Winning back-to-back Cups is statistically shown to be almost impossible (although Detroit is one of the teams that has done it), and I'm not so sure that Detroit has THAT much of an edge over Pittsburgh. I'd love to see another Pitt/Detroit final, and watch Pittsburgh destroy Detroit to catch a glimpse of Hossa's face then. Maybe I'm feeling bitter because Pittsburgh is one of my faves, but come on. You can't undo the past, but after trading away two first rounders, Colby Armstrong and Erik Christensen only to have the guy not win you a Cup and then run for the exit as soon as he could ... I don't know. Maybe next time Ray.



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