Iowa, You've Got Yourself A Winner

The picture above is the first thing that comes up when you Google 'Iowa Chops.' And let me tell you, when I look at that, I totally see a winning hockey team. 100%.

HAHAHAHA .... okay no, seriously. What is the REAL name of Anaheim's new Iowa AHL affiliate? Because there is no way someone would come up with the name 'Chops' and say, 'Hey, let's name a hockey team that.' So alright, you guys win. Jokes on us. Give us the real name. I've dealt with the Rockford 'Ice Hogs' and the 'River Rats', but this is a new one. My favorite part is the link to get to their roster: "The Chops." As in "Hey, I'm a Chop." "Yeah bro, I play for the Chops."

But wait, there's two quotes that make this whole thing even better:

We really feel this name perfectly represents our vision of the new team,” says team owner Kirby Schlegel, CEO of Schlegel Sports. “It illustrates Iowa’s agricultural heritage while also playing into the definition of ‘chops’, having nerve, resilience and staying power. The word ‘chops’ can mean continually defeating someone, and that is the reputation we expect Iowa’s new team to gain in the league.”

Followed by team President, Steve Nitzel:

“We wanted a name that would catch people’s attention and spark discussion, not just in Iowa but nationally as well. There is no doubt the name is unique. We’re confident that the team will continue to gain respect in this community and in the league for years to come.”

Whatever PR person wrote that for them really just should have said, "Hey, we got wasted the other night - had a little too much Jack - and came up with this name."

Anyway, congrats. Everyone in the A is for sure going to be talking about it. And if they don't laugh at the name, they'll cry in horror when they see the pig you guys chose as a logo.

Photo credit: kitchenparade.com



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